This foot spa is not big and expensive



This foot spa is not big and expensive as above, but it has a size that can adjust the large-sized feet easily. It can pr webapex.netovide a lower leg and foot massage. Its features include a heating system that is tailored to only one temperature, i.e. 115 degrees. The motor does not connect the rollers present.  So you have to rub the feet physically ag ainst them. It lacks a waterfall and ozone system. You cannot add water, salts, or oil to the system.

It has two robust jet systems having two selectable speed units that make it able to rotate at high speed. Brookstone foot spa contains non-fixed pumice stone so they can be removed when needed. It is av ailable at a low cost in markets and has a warranty of one year. It has a manual drainage system. Its size is 19. 15.6. 9.6 inches. The weight of this foot spa is 13 pounds.


This model of the foot spa mostly used in homes. Its cost is low and affordable. The temperature is adjustable at 98-degree centigrade. Its warm temperature cleans your feet and gives you a soothing effect. This foot spa contains plastic massage rollers that are not powered by the motor, so you have to rub your feet against them. The vibrating unit provides an efficient bubbling system and waterfall. This aids in relieving pain and relax your mind. Additional types of equipment include two dissimilar pumice stones, an extra roller, and a brush. This foot spa is not so tall and deep. You can dip the feet to your ankles. Plastic is used for its construction, light in weight, and can be handled and carried easily. This foot spa has a warranty of two years.


A foot spa is the best way to massage the feet and to get relaxed. Foot massage is beneficial externally as is the body and remove toxic materials from the body as well as internally by providing a soothing effect to the mind and relieves stress. A variety of foot spa is available in the market at a low price, but some are expensive too. Foot spa has adorable features; for example, it is in the form of an elongated bowl, having motorized rollers with an efficient vibrating system that gives a waterfall. Some foot spa lacks motorized rollers and contains pumice stones and allows rubbing the feet against these stones to massage the feet. The nerves of the brain lie in feet so massaging soothes the mind and you can get relief from all the tensions and worries of daily life. In short foot massage is the best way to calm your body.



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